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Detox Kit

Our Concept: Why we believe our Detox Program is the Best

We have developed a system of fighting disease that is revolutionary. Our "smart" technology not only maximizes the bodies natural defense systems, it also confuses the disease making it easier to fight. Let us explain. Many studies have been done on AIDS patients concerning this deadly virus and other harmful micro-organisms. Scientist have found that viruses will actually mutate to combat the medication. So, a certain treatment may work for a short period of time until the virus can mutate, making it more powerful and the medication obsolete. The diseases that plague our world today will do anything they can to stay alive. Our "Smart" technology confuses the illness allowing your body to fight the disease. We do this by rotating two powerful all-natural herbal formulas designed to seek out and fight germs in the body, while providing added strength to the systems of the body. All of our products are naturally formulated to promote healing while adding strength to the vital organs of the body, because of environmental pollutants and harmful toxins that surround us today. We believe that it is extremely beneficial for everyone to do a thorough detox program at least every six months. This will aid the body in maintaining health and vitality.

We have developed a unique and complete detox program that is unlike any detox program in the world. We believe that in order to allow the body to completely detoxify its vital systems on the inside, the outside of the body must be healthy, strong, and free of environmental toxins. In others words our skin, hair, and scalp need to have open pores allowing the skin to breath and released toxins that are trapped inside our body. Our skin is the largest eliminating organ on our body, our products keep is soft, vibrant, and most importantly operational.



Ten Day Formula:
Our detox program starts with a powerful liquid formula. This formula is designed to help the body rid itself of harmful toxins and pollutants, while adding strength and circulation to the vital organs of the body. The ten day formula is a powerful natural antibiotic alternative, intelligently formulated to naturally rid the body of unwanted viruses and bacteria. This is an extremely powerful cleansing agent and is designed to get to the root of the problem and go to work. When used correctly in the detox program we have witnessed dramatic results in helping to combat serious illnesses and chronic conditions. Stay on the 10 day formula for ten consecutive days ( please refer to instructions for details) then switch to the five day formula.

5 Day Formula:
The five day formula is designed to go in and detox a different part of the bodies systems. The five day formula confuses harmful bacteria and, or viruses, allowing the bodies natural defense systems to function on a maximum level of performance. During the five days on this formula, some people may experience fatigue and tiredness. Keep in mind your body is working very hard to become well, this is a normal response. After the 5 days is over return back to the ten day formula. If you think it is not working, it is. The five day formula is a gentler cleanse. Alternating a strong detox with a gentle detox maximizes your bodies healing ability and is essential in eliminating unwanted toxins, pollutants, and bacteria within your body.

Aloe & Tea
The tea instructions should be followed exactly - and combined with the aloe. Many people know of the wonderful uses and benefits of Aloe, we use the best Aloe for the best results. (Please see detailed instructions when making the tea.) The tea is a VITAL part of the detoxing program. Without it, the Detox program will not be effective! The tea is vital in keeping the bowels functioning and digestive system drawing out toxins to keep the blood clean. This facilitates the reproduction of healthy cells, while eliminating unhealthy or diseased cells. Many of our customers, while using the tea have reported; a reduction in tremors, restlessness, tumors and seizures. The tea is used everyday while on the Detox program. Start with 1 Tablespoon twice a day, SLOWLY work up until you are taking ¼ cup twice a day. For the greatest effect, the tea should be taken first thing in the morning and again just before going to bed.

*Pregnant women should use caution in the third trimester, some pregnant women have reported constipation
when used in third trimester.

Soap, Shampoo & Skin Cream
As you are detoxing the inside of your body, it becomes necessary to rid the skin and hair of unwanted residue. The soap, shampoo and cream are specifically designed to keep skin, pores and scalp clean and open. The skin should be the largest eliminating organ of the body, when functioning properly. While your body is detoxing it uses the sweat glands or sebaceous glands, and pores to push toxins out of the body. Using our cleansing and beautifying program, you will be amazed at how fresh and vibrant your skin and hair look and feel.

The soap exfoliates the skin and opens the pores. While the soap and cream help to keep the skin breathing properly, simultaneously stimulating the pores to maximize detoxification. The cream provides the perfect nutrition and moisture (a little goes a long ways), to keep your skin soft and healthy during the detox program.

The shampoo keeps the scalp clean, while removing build up from styling products and other pollutants, which suffocate the scalp. It also stimulates and invigorates the actual hair follicles, many people are experiencing more growth, along with thicker, fuller ,and shinier hair. Some people who have graying hair have reported that their natural hair color begins to come back in. We are finding that people continue to use the soap and shampoo, even after they have finished the detox program. Simply, because they love the way it makes them look and feel. Their skin looks smooth and soft, while their hair feels more healthy and vibrant. Many of our customers use the soap to combat acne and other skin irritations. We have seen amazing results with eczema. After using the soap or shampoo just once, you will agree with thousands of other people, that they are wonderful. Our soap may not be the most beautiful bar, but it will become your favorite.

Our Detox Program truly is one of a kind, the most natural, thorough, and complete Detox Program on the market today.

Precautions: If pregnant take ½ the dosage of the liquid internal tinctures (five day formula, 10 day formula, and tea). Unless directed by health care provider. If you are a nursing mother, it is best to wait until you are done nursing, before beginning a detoxification program.

The detoxification process is a natural one for the body, but with the complications of our environment and life styles, today it does not happen as naturally any more. When we have a severe illness, it is a symptom that the eliminatory function of the body has become severally decreased. Once you begin the Detox and toxins begin to move around your body (trying to facilitate elimination), it is very important that you complete the Detox Program. Severe illness can be a sign that the detoxification is actually working, toxins are moving through the body, but they have not yet been completely eliminated. If you go off of the Detox kit and have a relapse, it is very important that you return to the program until the detoxification is complete. This process could take between 4 to 12 months, depending on the severity and complexity of the disease.



MS Tincture
Royal Jelly
Cocoa Butter
Aloe Vera
Colloidal Silver
Steric Acid
(all ingredients pulls toxins to surface of skin and acts as a nutrient so the skin can eliminate toxins properly)


Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Goats Milk, Grapefruit Seed Extract (soap base)
Green Chlorophyll
Essential Oils
Colloidal Silver
Aloe Vera
(Cleans the surface of the skin completely, allowing the skin to breathe and eliminate toxins)


Kusambi Bark, Wild Cherry Bark, Citric Acid (for lather)
MS Tincture
Sodium Laureth Sulphate (needed to help strip toxins out that other ingredients have pulled to surface of hair)
Cocomidopropyl Betaine, Cocomide, Methylparaben, Cloraphyllin (preservatives)
Fragrance Oils

Wild Indigo
Red Clover
Oregon Grape
Trace Minerals
(all ingredients above help fight virus and bacteria as well as other organisms)
Alcohol, Distilled Water (preservatives)

Plantain (kills toxins and poisons)
Colloidal Silver (antibacterial)
Glycerin, Alcohol, Distilled Water (catalyst and preservatives)

Burdock Root (eases joint and pain associated with trauma)
Lemon Balm (calms the heart yet stimulates the circulation)
(all ingredients below help build the immune system while fighting unhealthy diseased tissue and germs)
Sheep Sorrel
Rolled Oats
Slippery Elm
Red Clover
Blue Flag
Skull Cap

Sea Salt
Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate
Mullein Flowers


(The MS Tincture is not a seperate product but is contained in many of the other products)
Oats (soothing to nerve endings and helps bind formula together)
Royal Jelly (helps regenerate tissue, also a nutrient)
Garauna (stimulant for circulation and nerves)
Skull Cap (helps digestion, influences the spinal column and calms yet stimulates the nerves)
Kelp (nutrient)
Blue Flag (helps to wick out toxins)
--White Oak Bark (pain and swelling)
--White Willow (for pain and swelling)
Yohimbe (acts a bridge between damaged nerves)
B-12 (nutrient)
Glycerin (preservative)

(It is the special combination of all the ingredients, and the way you take it, that makes this kit different than any other.
The Detox Kit, although similar to the MS Kit, is much stronger and should not be taken by MS sufferers unless they have been on a MS Kit previously.