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End Flu and End Flu Extra

These amazing all-natural products have brought relief to thousands of people suffering from stomach and intestinal discomfort. It helps to relieve symptoms like; nausea, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, indigestion and heart burn. It also helps to sooth the discomfort that accompanies stomach ulcers, morning sickness and vomiting. Midwives have seen success in helping to relieve morning sickness with END-FLU, it's a wonderful natural alternative to prescription medications and works fast.

We have found it to work best in combating influenza- That's why we named it END FLU. End Flu Extra is extremely successful in knocking out this dreaded virus that effects millions of people each year. END FLU is designed to keep you on your feet instead of in your bed. We have also found END FLU EXTRA extremely effective in expelling parasites from the body.

END FLU and END FLU EXTRA are packed with soothing herbs that calm and relax your digestive systems while powerful natural antibiotics rid your body of the bacteria, while boosting your immune system. Nothing we have found works faster or more effectively than END FLU and END FLU EXTRA on stomach and intestinal discomfort.


End Flu Extra should not be used by pregnant, or nursing women, or by children under the age of two. Please use regular strength End Flu instead.