This is our favorite letter we received from a young lady, she asked us to please withhold her name:

Dear Divine Solutions,
A year ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. I had a brain tumor the size of a large goose egg. It was in my brain, and it was so big it was partly showing on the base of my head. There appeared to be a major tentacle the same size as the tumor that wrapped down my spine to my sacrum. I also had two more tumors the same size, one over my heart and the other over my uterus. There were also about twenty-five other small tumors all over me. The doctors could do nothing. I would have had about four months to live.

I had used herbal remedies before, and knew the right program could help me. The Detox Kit from Divine Solutions along with other products they make that were for my problem is what we chose to do. I was on the kit for one year and my cancer is gone! It killed the cancer, and detoxified my body internally and externally. I am continuing the Detox Kit until my one-year anniversary to be sure it doesn't come back. I also plan to use it every six months for one or two months as a preventative. I'm glad this turned out O.K. I am quite young, and I wanted to have a family some day. Now I can.

Thank You Forever!

Sugar Cookies  :)

These cookies were given to us by a couple of young ladies who have used
our products for several years.

"I had a sinus infection that seemed to last forever (but I guess I had just had it for a little over one month). But my head was pounding and I could hardly function. The Arrest-A-Plague not only relieved my headache but it also allowed my sinuses to drain and get rid of the infection. The sinus medication that you get at the store doesn't do that for me. I don't get sinus infections as often as I used to before Arrest-A-Plague and when I do I just take the Arrest-A-Plague and in one or two days it's completely gone. No suffering like I did before. My son always gets ear infections all the time. We spent many hours at the doctors office, but now when he gets one, at the first sign of one he takes the Arrest-A-Plague and within that day it's usually gone. It has saved me a lot of time and money. I love it!!! I can't wait to try some of Divine Solution's other products I have heard so much about." -Susan - Kearns, UT

"Hey Girls!!!" This soap is out of this world!" -JR - Centerville, UT

"Ya know, I had this little bald spot in the back of my head. After using your shampoo it's almost completely gone and the graying on the sides, well; the color is coming back. That was a real bonus I didn't expect! And the soap - I can't say enough about the soap. I really like the way it makes my skin feel (it's shinny and alive feeling)." -Dean - Cedar City, UT

"My hair used to be flat with no body, now ever since I started using the shampoo, I haven't needed to get a perm, but my hair has so much body. I just love it! Thanks so much for these 'great' products! I'm almost out and need to order again." Diane - Cedar City, UT

"The Arrest-A-Plague helped me with fatigue big time. Thanks! I can function." -Gwendalyn - Ogden, UT

"End Flu is 'great' for the stomach flu and is a very big silver dollar here at the health food store. I even use it for myself and my family. The MS Kit had been reported by my MS customers to be incredibly beneficial and effective. Because I own a chain of herbal stores I see many product come and go. But I have been especially impressed with the product by Divine Solutions. Keep up the good work and keep sending products my way. -Dave from Dave's Health and Nutrition - SLC, UT

"Arrest-A-Plague had been a great alternative for me and my family. I feel it is a safe and more effective antibiotic alternative than antibiotics or western medicine. Especially now that antibiotics are not working as well on some bacteria and it allows my body's immune system to work at it's maximum capacity without any of the known or unknown side effects I have often experienced in the past. I have used Arrest-A-Plague for strep throat, and ear infections. I have also used it topically on infected wounds as well as taking it internally. We find new uses for it all the time. It's the best!!!" -Bryan - Walnut Creek, CA

"You guys are the best! You're angels sent from heaven. You are helping so many people feel so much better with
our MS Kits. I see people in my clinic every day suffering from MS, and these kits are improving their lives and making them feel so much better. Keep 'em coming!" -Helen Rogers Certified Midwife, Iridologist - Riverton, UT

"You ladies are heaven sent! I don't know what I would have done without you. This Detox is unlike anything I have ever used. I was a little afraid I would feel really sick on it, but I actually feel better and have color in my face now. I am just thrilled with the results as well as all the other products of yours I have tried. They seem to be of a much higher quality than most products I have tried out there. You have been such a great help in our lives - it seems to me that you gals take great care and pride in your work. You have an incredible selection of products for all your needs from a cough to cancer. Thank you so much, all my love." -George & Verna - Centerville, UT

"My 5 year old has a bad tooth that has given him trouble from time to time. On two different occasions when his cheek was all swollen and sore; he was crying like you know kids do when they hurt, so I gave him that Arrest-A-Plague stuff. He stopped crying, that's what I cared about the most - that he felt better so he would quit crying and the swelling even went down within the day - so I would say this stuff really works!" -Joan - Layton, UT

"I have used the Divine Solutions' products since February of 2000. I was immediately impressed with how well their products worked. I am a cancer survivor and I am always searching for ways to improve my health. I would have to say that although I enjoy all the products that Divine Solutions offer, their soap has to be my favorite. I love using the soap. The cleansing and nourishing feeling is a pleasant and vitalizing experience. The loofah is wonderful to open up the pores and improves the effectiveness of the cleansing process. The Detox Tea is another favorite. Upon ingesting the Tea I can feel it going right to work. I feel that the ingredients are healthful and nourishing to my body. I am grateful that I was introduced to the products of Divine Solutions. I only wish that I had been introduced several years ago." -Marvo - SLC, UT

"When a really bad flu was going around the office, I went on End Flu. All my co-workers ended up flat in bed. The End Flu kept me at work, and doing my job. I love this stuff!" -Kym - Dallas, TX